RU Recovery Ministries Reaches the incarcerated in Jail & Prison

We offer a few different options for helping the incarcerated find freedom IN Christ. We offer a Correspondence Course using the curriculum of RU Inside. We also offer RU Inside as a class in many Prisons & Jails throughout the country.

OPTION ONE: Send a friend or loved one the RUInside Correspondence Course.

This course includes both a package for the incarcerated and a package for the sponsor or family of the incarcerated. It includes:

“an effective way to experience Recovery without Relapse for someone who resides in an institution”

The incarcerated can complete this course and fill out the enclosed card and send it for a Completion Certificate.


OPTION TWO: Start a RUInside Chapter in a local Jail or Prison.

God designed the civil authority to be the external behavior modifier of intemperate individuals. However, He also designed His Spirit for internal behavior modification. The support of the local church is His solution for reducing recidivism in our communities. We do this by teaching them to obtain and nurture a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. These teachings will give them the tools to remain free from the addiction that incarcerated them. Our goal is to guide them toward law-abiding citizens when they return to their communities.

All of this can be accomplished if you will familiarize yourself with our Christ-centered, Bible-believing, addictions program of RU Recovery Ministries. RUInside is a ministry of RU Recovery Ministries. It is designed to reach those who are bound spiritually to sin and physically in jails or prisons.