From RIP to RU Inside

In 1996, RU began in a church in Rockford, Illinois. Soon afterward, local chapters of this faith-based addictions program spread throughout the country and even internationally. People were being helped effectively through these local chapters of RU and also through the Rockford RU Schools of Discipleship, a 6-8 month residential program. Soon after, we received hundreds of requests for loved ones, friends, and family members who were incarcerated. Steve Curington became burdened to make the curriculum available and cost-effective for inmates, rescue missions, halfway houses, etc. We called it the RU “Satellite” Program.
RU chapters began holding a similar model of the Friday night class at these satellite programs and the results were remarkable. Judges, Program Directors, Chaplains, Sheriffs, and other local officials wanted to support and use the materials and program. Steve Curington then wrote a book called Today I Lay about the crucified Christian life. It became his desire for this theme of the crucified life to be presented to inmates from the standpoint of the “tomb” setting – and the lessons and strength we gain from learning while waiting. The RU Satellite Program then became known as RIP (Reformers Institutional Program) with its tomb logo.

In 2013, RU held its first RIP Conference with new curriculum that was extremely cost effective. The results from this conference and the new curriculum were overwhelming and this program continues to grow today. Using the RIP logo, however, has caused some confusion for RU during this time. People often do not realize that RIP and RU are the same. Explaining the logo and the name is not always easy to portray properly. Therefore, after great consideration, RIP will now be called RU INSIDE. However, as you read below, you will see that only the name has changed.

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What is RU INSIDE?

It is a faith-based institutional program designed to teach recovery without relapse to those held in bondage to their addictions and strongholds. Often the various hurts, habits, and hang-ups of inmates are not dealt with as they spend time in an institution. We want to bring hope inside these walls! Deeper than that, we want to bring hope inside the hearts of the hopeless!

Our desire is to see spiritual freedom brought to those who are spiritually and physically in bondage. That freedom is found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the Truth that makes free. Jesus said to those who had faith in Him: “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
RU INSIDE offers a complete recovery curriculum, which includes 4 phases as well as an introductory book (called the Overcomer) and the RU “It’s Personal” Daily Journal. This curriculum is a proven discipleship course that offers a crystal clear presentation of the gospel. It also equips them with the Word of God on how to deal with the stresses and pressures of life, both inside and outside of an institution. The books are all-inclusive, making them affordable and practical for the institutional setting and can be used in prisons, jails, rescue missions, half-way houses, and other institutions as well.

RU INSIDE has given many servants of the Lord across the USA and around the world the opportunity to enter into institutional settings with the help and hope of recovery. This mission is then multiplied to an even greater possibility of victory with the help of the local addiction support group, RU. The local chapter of RU is ready and available for the student when they are released to help them receive the spiritual guidance and support they need.
For more information on RU INSIDE contact:

333 E. State St. | Rockford, IL 61104 | 815-986-0460