The Directors Dashboard

Build To Database

This spreadsheet has been designed to help you keep track of your RU inventory.


1. Your own Local Chapter Director needs to go through each tab to determine how many of each item he wants to keep in stock. He would enter this number under the “Build To” heading.
2. Next your RU Local Chapter Director needs to decide the number that he wants you to reorder at. This info you would enter under “Reorder At.” (e.g. Perhaps he wants you to build your inventory to 15 “It’s Personal” Daily Journals, but never wants you to have any fewer than 5 on hand. In this case, under “Reorder At,” you would enter the number “5.” When you see that the number you have in inventory matches this number, it is time for you to purchase more.)

3. When the time comes for the Local Chapter Secretary to take inventory, all they need to do is enter in the quantity that they have of each item under “In Stock.”

4. As you record how many items you have on hand, you will see the number under the heading “Order” changes automatically. For your own convenience we have input a formula that does the math for you. When the time comes to reorder, all you need to do to determine how many of each item you need is to look at that number under, “Order.” It is generated by the spreadsheet, based on the data your director entered under “Reorder At,” and the data that you input under, In Stock.”
PLEASE NOTE: Directors, you do not need to keep in stock each and every item found under each tab; they are merely recommended. We leave it up to you to decide what it is that your own local chapter is in need of. Call our office with any questions: 815-986-0460


There are a total of six tabs: Books, Awards, Advertisement, Kids Club, Full Throttle, and RU Inside. On each tab you will see the following headings:

The item names are listed here.
Use this number to easily create invoices, or to search for items on our website when you need to reorder.
Usually awards are the only items that come in packs (e.g. our 6 challenge badges come in packs of 5).
Price listed here.
Here you will record the quantity that your Director wants to keep in stock of each item.
When the items you have in stock reach this number, you need to reorder so that you don’t run out of this item.
Inventory your items in stock here.
You do NOT have to alter this line by yourself. When you enter the quantity of each item you have on hand, the spreadsheet will automatically update how many you need to reorder of each item, based on what you have in stock, and the quantity that your Director wants you to “Build To.”

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