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Marketing Tools

We hope these tools can help you as you grow your chapter both marketing internally and externally in your community.

Friday Night Slides

Play these on your screens before class starts to introduce the RU Program to guests as they are waiting for class to start.

How to Position & Market Your Local Chapter

White paper courtesy of IFBDesign

Easter Social Media Graphics

Courtesy of IFBDesign

Sample Radio Commercial

Use this radio commercial template to advertise your local meeting into your community. Reach potential students through the power of radio with this powerful punchy commercial.

Download the Free Script and record in a local studio yourself.

Letters of Recommendations & Commendations from Official Sources

These letters can be very useful when speaking with state and local officials to establish the veracity of the RU Program. Download and print these freely.

RU Logo & Brand

Logo & Brand Assets are the Intellectual Property of RU Recovery Ministries and are subject to the rules for use outlined in the RU Chapter Agreement.

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Canadian Local Chapter Logo's

RU Inside Logo's

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