Update: Moving Forward

Hello Friends, 

THANK YOU for your loving RU; we do too. We know it has been quiet, and the board of directors and staff appreciate your patience. 

We sometimes forget that everyone doesn’t get to see the miracles we see each day or the plan God is preparing for RU Recovery. Let me share a brief update on what’s being prepared and what’s happening at RU Recovery.

The story of our last twelve months is Grand, and we will post specific details over the next few months. (For anyone interested, that will be posted on our website.) I will- promise this… We have followed God’s path, and although the movement has been slow, we are completely satisfied that it has all been HIS plan. In this post, we are talking about current projects and the overall vision for the future.

The Lord has led us to reevaluate every aspect of the Ministry. We looked at everything from weekly emails and media posts to financial billing and donation processing. I have spent hundreds of hours with those who love and support RU Recovery and those who are not in support of RU Recovery. Both views painted a picture of God’s will and direction.  

The board of Directors and current staff are working together to present a better, more efficient RU Recovery. More than anything, God has made it clear that we must ensure the future of this anointed program. 

Below is a list of a few improvements in progress:

  • Better and Consistent Scheduled Communication on all points of contact (We know, and We AGREE, it has been terrible.)
  • Easy to Follow Color Coordinated Materials
  • 100% accurate and error-free publications.
  • Simple and EASY Online Shopping and Checkout Process
  • New Merchandise
  • New National Sales Team Coordination and Structure
  • Chapter and Program Training offered in Multiple Locations
  • Online Training and Learning
  • Information Sharing system exclusive to Chapters and Directors
  • Select Directors as District Representatives
  • Elect Chapters to serve as Remote Resource Locations
  • We are also working on a 2023 Calendar which includes:
  • NEW National Promotion, Marketing, and Advertising Campaign and the re-introduction of Faith-Based Recovery for America
  • 2023 National Fall Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • 2023 Regional Events in several locations
  • Announcement of a new sales team
  • Ministry Advisory Council

We have employed the assistance of a National Promotional Group, Marketing Team, and Editing staff to accomplish these tasks.

I’m going to take a moment to be very candid.

The RU staff is no longer a group of 40-plus people in a beautiful downtown office. We do not have two residential homes with 60 students and 25 staff members. 

Today we are a group of twelve board and staff members, all dedicated to ensuring the future of this program. God has shown that although He wants the same, RU must make some changes. 

Before we charge forward and plan a massive promotion, the Lord said Stop and prepare. We are getting our ducks in rows, and they will all have quaking lessons so that the song is in tune. 

(If you will, pardon the metaphor.) 

 We know that our Nation needs RU more than ever. We also know that you agree with us, and we are dedicated to seeing that happen. God has something planned for RU, and we are thrilled to have you onboard. 

We are asking for your continued patience as we work on these improvements. Within the next seven days, we will have more solid answers for the 2023 calendar mentioned above. We will also have more concrete details on the promotions mentioned. Thank you, and may God Bless you and your Ministry.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. 

Brad Woodbury 

Executive Director/CEO for RU Recovery




(This email goes to three key staff members)

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