Story of Victory 12/19/2014

Victorious Life Stories

At Reformers Unanimous, we deal with many people with many different types of “addictions”. Most people consider an addict as someone with a drug or alcohol problem. However, according to […]

How Satan Targets Children

Anyone who has observed children for any length of time can tell you that the number one issue children struggle with is selfishness. This is the central reason why children […]

God is in the Restoration Business

Choices to follow sin will take us far away from the life God would desire for us. Sin will rob us from things most precious to us and steal the […]

Restoration: God’s Way

An acquaintance explained how much he enjoys being a husband and father. “I suppose that makes me codependent,” he said, apologetically.“No,” I said. “It means you like being married.” It’s […]