The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

[su_box box_color=”#ffffff”]The number of emergency room (ER) visits associated with nonalcoholic energy drinks is surging. In 2005, there were 1,128 such visits and in 2009, there were 13,114, with the […]

Stupid Things People Do That Sabotage Recovery

I believe if people are truly to recover from their addiction, they must grow up – emotionally and spiritually. True recovery is the product of humility that emerges from living […]

Testimony of a Victorious Life

Victorious Life Stories

The Lord gave me two little boys named Tanner and Grayson. This sounds like the beginning of a wonderful story. However, the heart-breaking part is that I was active in […]

Story of Victory 10-18-13

Victorious Life Stories

There are many hurting people from many walks of life.  Such is the testimony you will read below.  Her story is not uncommon today.  There are people in your community […]