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Such Were Some of You

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The church at Corinth was filled with people who had once been in bondage to sin, but through the grace of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the work of the church, their lives had been transformed. That is why Paul said to them, “such were some of you.” Dr. Paul Kingsbury, co-founder of RU Recovery Ministries, gives a specific set of reasons found in Scripture that made the local church at Corinth effective in reaching people with addictive behaviors and, if put into practice, can make you effective as well.

Book one of this series, Such Where Some of You, is designed to give instruction to reaching those outside of your church, those who are struggling in your community. Book two, Rescue & Recover, was written to give instruction for ministering to those who are now in your church. And finally, the third book in this series, Radical Restoration, is designed to re-reach those who have left the church, with a plan to see them return. Out-reach, In-Reach, and Re-Reach can be learned from a biblical perspective which guarantees optimal success

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