The Steve Schupp Story (Incarceration) Tract Pack

He almost took someone else’s life…but God had a plan! Read the story of Steve Schupp and see what only God can do!


The Steve Schupp Story (Incarceration) Tract Pack

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This is the miraculous story of Steve Schupp, a cocaine addict and alcoholic who was brought to God through the RU incarceration program. (Excellent for use in jail ministries) Comes in a Pack of 100.

Excerpt: I woke up in jail…and after reading my arrest report, I realized that I had been found passed out drunk behind the steering wheel of my van. The engine was still running, and the transmission was in drive. My vehicle was in the middle of a busy city street, and I was a block away from crossing a busy intersection. I was stunned by these facts because I had absolutely no recollections of driving or how I came to be on that road. I felt that old familiar sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought to myself, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT IF I HAD KILLED SOMEONE’S CHILD?”

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