The Steven Curington Story Tract Pack

Share the testimony that started it all!


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The Steven Curington Story Tract Pack

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This trifold, pocket-sized tract with Steve Curington’s testimony has proven to be a great outreach tool. This tract fits in all church tract racks. It is usually read immediately, and is a huge hit with unsaved and backslidden addicts. This tract comes with space for your church’s information. (Comes in packs of 100.) Excerpt: Addiction had stRU Insideped me of all my self-esteem, a prosperous career, and cRU Insidepled me with debt. At the age of 28, I nearly died in a drunk driving accident. With a punctured lung quickly drowning me in my own blood, I cried out to God, “I don’t want to die!” My memory went blank after that point. A life-saving call by an unknown woman to 911 rescued me from death. Later, I would discover the reasons for God’s divine intervention that night…

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