Recovery Daily Journal (Classic Size)

Are you in search of a devotional tool that goes beyond a simple notebook? Uncover the revolutionary resource that has empowered countless individuals to deepen their connection with God and lead victorious lives. The 90-day Recovery Daily Journal stands as a tried-and-true approach to cultivating a dynamic and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s no surprise that this journal has become our best-selling product across America!


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Recovery Daily Journal (Classic Size)


Discover the 90-Day Recovery Daily Journal – Your Path to a Deeper Connection with God

Are you seeking a powerful devotional tool that transcends the ordinary, a journal designed to guide you through a daily exercise in God’s five forms of communication? Look no further. The 90-Day Recovery Daily Journal is your portal to a transformative journey where you’ll experience the profound ways in which God speaks to His children.

God communicates with us in five remarkable ways, and this journal is your companion on this divine adventure:

1. Daily Bible Time: Dive into God’s Word, uncovering His messages and wisdom as you explore the pages of your Bible.

2. Time with God’s Teachers: Connect with the insights and teachings of spiritual mentors who have walked the path of faith before us.

3. Personal Prayer Time: Forge a personal dialogue with God through prayer, opening your heart and sharing your thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

4. Time in Wise Counsel: Seek guidance from those wise and trusted individuals in your life who can offer valuable perspectives and advice.

5. Leadings & Convictions of the Spirit: Pay attention to the gentle nudges and convictions of the Holy Spirit, guiding you on your journey of faith.

This journal is more than a notebook; it’s your gateway to developing a profound and personal love relationship with Jesus Christ, God’s Son. This journal is your daily companion on your path to deepening your relationship with Christ. It is a place to spend time with Him and communicate with Him. It provides structure and guidance for nurturing your personal connection with the Savior. It also includes sections for taking notes during sermons and offers cutout daily meditation cards that allow you to carry Bible verses and your reflections with you throughout the day.

The 90-Day Recovery Daily Journal is not just a journal; it’s a transformative tool to help you grow in faith and walk the path of spiritual recovery. Join the countless individuals who have found renewed purpose, hope, and strength through this journal, making it our #1 selling product across America. Start your journey today, and experience the life-changing power of a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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