God’s Plan for Rebuilding & Restoration


God’s Plan for Rebuilding & Restoration

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In the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the nation of Israel presents us with a number of parallels to the people who have experienced the destructive force of addiction. In these two books of the Bible, God provides a clear pattern for the proper way to experience rebuilding and restoration. God can restore things that were destroyed by sin. God can re-establish relationships that appeared to be completely devastated. However, this only happens if we follow His blueprints for repair and renovation.This book by Jay Griffin and Ryan Jiles will walk us through how we can personally experience God’s power of rebuilding and restoration in our lives. We can rediscover the blessings lost in the snare of addiction. The process is not without adversity, but God graciously shows us the proper way to handle the hardships and suffering. God’s desire is to see His people restored. He also provides the plan to do it.This book is written to help those in recovery who need to experience the miracles of God in their lives. With God, restoration is possible!

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