The Best of Steve Curington – MP3 CD



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The Best of Steve Curington – MP3 CD

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This is a Collection of Messages by Steve Curington on living the Abundant Christian Life. Comes with 10 MP3 Sermons.

What is the Abundant Christian Life? (The Hidden Life)

At salvation we received two benefits. The first benefit is Justification. That is freedom from the penalty of sin. We no longer have to go to hell. We can spend eternity in heaven. The second benefit is sanctification. This is freedom from the power of sin. The book of Romans tells us that sin should no longer have dominion over us, for we are not under the law (where man does the work) but we are under grace (where God does the work).

It is sad but true that many Christians today do not enjoy this personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. Without it, we will find our Christian life to be characterized by ups and downs. Victory coupled with long bouts of defeat. Christ promised an abundant Christian life. This is nothing more than the redundant Christian life.

The reason we find ourselves missing out on the benefits of our sanctification (which are the fruits of the Spirit in the face of adversity) is because we overlook the value of our personal relation while finding contentment in the acquisition of more information. Like Adam and Eve in the garden, we want to know more about God rather than to develop our walk with God.

The Hidden Life is a term that I have designed to describe what I believe is the Truth about victorious Christian living. It’s not about information; it’s about a personal relation. – Steve Curington

But how do you have the intimate personal relation? Well, thanks to the prince of the world and his powers and authorities, that information is hidden! Just like the devil hides justification from the unbeliever, he hides the benefits of sanctification from the believer.

Read More about the “Hidden Life” as defined by Steve Curington: Click Here

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