“It’s Personal” Daily Journal

We Challenge You To Try 30 Days of Journaling and See If It Doesn’t Change Your Life!


It’s Personal

The "It's Personal" Daily Journal is the key to unlocking your success in freedom from stubborn habits and addictions.

The “secret sauce” for the success of the RU Recovery Ministries for over 20 years has been teaching people how to have a personal dynamic walk and talk relationship with Jesus Christ. For this reason, the “It’s Personal” Daily  Journal has been our #1 best selling product for many years. This 90-day journal is more than just a glorified notebook. It is a tool that has helped multiplied thousands to walk and talk with God and to have a victorious life.

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How to Use The Daily Journal by: Steve Curington


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“Working with the addicted for now more than 20 years, there is an often repeated phrase that I’ve heard hundreds of times. That phrase begins like this, “I don’t know what I was thinking.” You see every wicked deed is backed up by a process of wicked thinking. That’s why at RU, Steve Curington developed the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal. It is vital for every student who wants real recovery to begin your day by pausing and seeking the Lord in prayer concerning your thoughts for that day. Once this is accomplished, you can experience a day of renewed thinking that will lead to right action.”

The pinnacle of this plan is for the student to experience and enjoy a genuine, dynamic love relationship with the Lord. (Romans 12:1,2; Isaiah 26:3)

–Ben Burks | International Director of RU Recovery Ministries
  • Leigh Anne White

    I struggled with finding a consistent, meaningful prayer and Bible study method. Now my husband and I both have been using the Daily Journal for years and we have grown so much through using it. It helps me to stay focused and wait for the Holy Spirit’s promptings in prayer. Love that I can go back and look at dozens of our filled up journals and see God’s working in my life and answered prayers.

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