I am not alone. My Path to Healing with RU

My journey began with a desperate plea for God’s intervention in my dad’s battle with pornography addiction, a struggle that cast a dark shadow over his marriage with my mom. As a child, I found myself playing the role of mediator, navigating the turmoil without fully grasping the situation. The escalating consequences of my dad’s actions, nearing eviction from our home, eventually drove him to seek help at our local RU Recovery Program.

Throughout my childhood, he consistently treated me poorly, falling short of the ideal fatherly role. To his credit, he was never physically abusive. However, he would shut me down when I tried to speak, often leading to shouting matches. Reflecting on the past, I now recognize the extent of the verbal and emotional abuse I endured. Struggling with depression, intermittent anxiety, low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and an unattainable desire to please someone who could never be pleased became a daily battle.

When I started attending RU, initially in support of my father, it taught me that I’m not alone, and the lessons illuminated my path. The leaders of the chapter I attend helped me start walking the right path. Both group leaders have supported me, bringing relief since he’s less involved now. I’m finally building a mental and emotional support network, trusting God fully to let the truth set me free. Before concluding this testimony, I want to express my gratitude to the RU leaders at Temple Baptist Church in Green, Ohio, and the entire RU family nationwide for hearing my story. I pray you all have a blessed day and week. God bless. – TJ

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