My Generosity Transforms Lives

Your gift makes Recovery Possible! This year we are asking our supporters to become a warrior for faith-based recovery with $10/Month to support the RU Recovery Ministries. This effort will be ongoing throughout the entire holiday season and into January, so the earlier you donate, the more we can accomplish. In addition nearly 75% of applicants for the Schools of Discipleship are in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of the program. Please consider a gift to the RU Homes this season help students enter the residential  program.

Two Ways to Give
& Make Recovery Possible

Become a Warrior For Faith-Based Recovery

Give a Monthly Reoccurring Donation of $10 or more to become a Warrior for Faith-Based Recovery.

Support the RU Homes

Give a One-Time Gift to fund scholarships and the many needs of our homes as we help students recover from addiction.

We've all been there...

We have all experienced scarcity. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough. But we know that God is enough!

Addiction is devastating...

The life of an addict is centered around scarcity. There isn’t enough. Always trying to find satisfaction with the next hit.


God has shown us His goodness through His generosity towards us. For this reason we generously give to show the addicted the goodness of God.

Your Generosity Is Doing Something Amazing!

RU Recovery Ministries is making a difference in people and communities everywhere and we could not do it without your support. Your generosity flows from God’s goodness to you through us to bring hope and recovery to the addicted. Because of you, lives are changed, families are restored, and communities are being rebuilt from the ravages of addiction. THANK YOU!

How Does Your Support Help?

180 People Die of a Drug Overdose Everyday.

Together We can Stop the Addiction Crisis in America and beyond. We do our best to be as effective as possible with your donations.

Your support helps us to operate and to start chapters as well as bring hurting people into our residential homes. Your support will help us expand Faith-Based Recovery For America® into other states and local communities.

RU Recovery Ministries has invested over $250,000 into the Philippines to help less fortunate people get access to life-changing recovery resources for addiction.

Giving is an Opportunity

Your gift isn’t passive. It is an active investment in saving lives and restoring people from addiction to recovery. This is the season of generosity. Consider getting involved by starting a fundraiser for RU Recovery Ministries and tell your friends and family your giving story and why you are passionate for this ministry. You can fundraise as a team, family, or just as yourself. Click the button below to learn more.

Chapter Development

Your generosity opens programs for the addicted all over the US. We continually train Recovery Mentors around the world and connect them with those in need.


Your support provides bed for residential students of our homes. Our Men's and Women's homes located in Rockford, IL provide the necessary structure and support for intense recovery.


Addiction goes beyond borders. Many struggling in other nations don't have access to recovery resources and can't afford to get help. RU Recovery Ministries is reaching beyond with life changing resources.