“RU has added adults to our church, both in the spanish and english churches. It is one of our main discipleship arms of our ministries”

-Jeff Johnson | Gospel Light Baptist Church, Walkertown, NC | Spanish Pastor and RU Director


“The Lord is using the RU program to make a difference in broken lives throughout the world.  Countless lives have been brought to Christ and restored through the principles and promises of His Word.  May God continue to bless and use the labor of RU workers around the world.”

-Dr. Paul Chappell | Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA | President, West Coast Baptist College


“RU not only rescued and recovered people in my area for Christ, but also in my church. The truths and emphasis of RU have greatly impacted my life and the life of many others.”

-Travis Lane | Astatula Baptist Church, Astatula, FL


“I would strongly recommend this ministry to your church. If you have a desire to reach those whom Satan has snared with the lie of the world and the flesh, then this is the ministry for your community. This local church addictions program reaches the lost and brings them to God’s support group – – the local church.”

-Dr. James H. Alley | Timberlake Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA


“RU is a scriptural, solid program – It will show you how to use the Word of God to bring victory into the lives of scores of needy people in your area…if you’ll let it.”

-Dr. R.B. Ouellette | First Baptist Church, Bridgeport, MI


“RU has provided our church a Christ-centered, scripturally-sound method for effective evangelism and discipleship to those whose lives are in bondage to strongholds of alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography and other life-dominating sins. We now have a ministry to a part of our community that, previously, has not considered the local church as a source of help.”

-Dr. Bill Monroe | Florence Baptist Temple, Florence, SC


“I can think of at least 1,000 churches that could use this program right now! I have had a heart for this type of ministry for over 20 years. I am pleased that Brother Curington has perfected such a local church, soul-winning program such as RU. I highly recommend this brother and his program to your church for your community.”

-Dr. Shelton Smith | Sword of the Lord, Murfreesboro, TN


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