Haughty is Naughty…Humility is Ability!

Proverbs 18:12 Dissected & Defined Before destruction (ruin) the heart (meditator) of man is haughty (undue disregard for others), and before honour (promotion) is humility. Daily-Devo Paraphrase God has promised great destruction to the proud. He has promised the greatest destruction to those who are proud in their heart.  We teach that the heart is mankind’s meditator. It [READ MORE…]

Acknowledging God Moment by Moment

Proverbs 3:6 Dissected & Defined In all thy ways (paths of life) acknowledge (recognize) him, and he shall direct (prescribe a course; to mark a way) thy paths. Daily-Devo Paraphrase Acknowledging God with All Your Meditations This verse is the concluding thoughts of verse five. Last month, we paraphrased the following conclusion to Solomon’s “underlying meaning” of verse [READ MORE…]

Living A Righteous Life

 Proverbs 2:9 Dissected & Defined Then shalt thou understand righteousness (Holy Spirit submission), and judgment (right thinking), and equity (justice or, right decisions); yea, every good path. Daily-Devo Paraphrase This verse is the concluding benefits listed for those who search after wisdom with the zeal listed in verses 1-8. I urge you to go back to [READ MORE…]