A story of a transformed life through RU, a Faith-Based Recovery Program:

This is the story of how my life was transformed through faith-based recovery. I have struggled with addiction since I was 14 years old. In fact, I remember my 14th birthday and someone offering me a cigarette for the first time. From that moment on, I never stopped; instead, I just added drugs and alcohol. My [READ MORE…]

Opioid Addiction Recovery – A Testimony

My testimony of opioid addiction recovery through RU should have been told many years ago. I use to attend RU meetings in either of 2 cities in Ohio, but I was non-committal to both the groups and the actual curriculum. I enjoyed the testimonies and people there but was mostly just feeling good about attending [READ MORE…]

RU Recovery Ministries Receives a Commendation from the Ohio State House of Representatives for Faith-Based Recovery

Faith-Based Recovery For America® ROCKFORD, IL – RU Recovery Ministries recently during its annual Recovery Banquet to raise awareness for Faith-Based Recovery recently received a commendation. The commendation was signed by Ohio State Representative Ron Young of Ohio’s 61st District. A Letter of Commendation was presented by his assistant Bob Reed to RU Recovery Ministries. [READ MORE…]