RU Recovery Ministries Receives a Commendation from the Ohio State House of Representatives for Faith-Based Recovery

Faith-Based Recovery For America┬« ROCKFORD, IL – RU Recovery Ministries recently during its annual Recovery Banquet to raise awareness for Faith-Based Recovery recently received a commendation. The commendation was signed by Ohio State Representative Ron Young of Ohio’s 61st District. A Letter of Commendation was presented by his assistant Bob Reed to RU Recovery Ministries. [READ MORE…]

3 Reasons People Turn to Substance Abuse & Addiction

It is interesting to work closely with someone and begin to discern the thought patterns that took place to hook someone with an addiction. Addictions vary but basically can be defined as chemical addictions and behavioral addictions. Why do people drink and do drugs, and how do some people become chemically dependent? I am sure [READ MORE…]