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RU Is An Evangelistic Tool

RU as an evangelistic tool.

RU has always been referred to as an incredible evangelistic tool. We have seen its effect all over the USA and around our world. In His last words, our Savior told us to go out and give the gospel to EVERYONE. This is the great commission of the church and all of its ministries. RU […]

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Advanced Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

As an RU Director, each of you has abundantly heard how we ought to be prepared for battle.  We teach this to our students and staff on a regular basis. However, if all of us are only prepared for battle by packing our weapon and being arrayed with our defensive armor, we are sure to […]

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8 Ways To Connect with Your Local Community

As you look towards this new year, have you made some “new” plans for your RU chapter? Don’t accept the “status quo” and be disappointed that your class didn’t grow! Here are a few ideas that you could easily incorporate into your plans for this year. I promise that you will see growth as a […]

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5 Ways to Equip your Leaders for Burden Bearing

“There is just something exceptional about that chapter!”  This is the phrase I often hear from some of the RU Representatives who travel and seek to help our chapters.  When I asked, “What was exceptional?” I am often surprised at their answer to find that the reason a chapter was “exceptional” was because the leadership […]

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