Ministry Update: August 2021

Dear RU Chapter,

We want to take a brief moment to send you a Ministry Update.  

Where we have been:

The Lord started the RU Ministry a Lil over 25 years ago. In this short time, we have witnessed the Ministry reach worldwide recognition. We watched the Lord take RU across oceans and into 34 countries.

We have been to banquets with over one thousand in attendance and heard testimonies of the transforming power of Christ from hundreds of former addicts. 

In the past eight to ten years, we have also witnessed a decline in the RU Ministry. We once utilized a staff of fifty-plus individuals. Today we operate with less than twenty. Our annual corporate report once listed a corporate value of $3.4M. Today we are just over $1M. During our 2019 conference, we spoke about a continual loss of income, and we set a course to become debt-free. “The ship is sinking, and we must make some changes” were words spoken by our board chairmen at the time.

The year 2020 brought a new struggle to our world in the form of a worldwide pandemic. We all watched as Non-Profit organizations across our nation closed their doors. Yet, for the RU Ministry, God granted His continued protection. The Ministry even saw some breathing room. Once the masks were removed, He allowed RU to return to almost 85% of its previous income. Although RU has seen this income return, efforts to create new streams have been unsuccessful. The Ministries debt remains the same, and the Ministry finds itself in the same position stated in 2019.

Where we are:

Today many feel that the RU Recovery Ministry is in a valley. That may be true, but we all know what God does in a valley. We can’t help but feel that our Heavenly Father is breaking the Ministry, just as He breaks his children. When an addict reaches this “broken” point, they are left with no options and finally begin to grant God control of their lives. The Glory then becomes His, and a victorious life begins. Isn’t it just like God to work the same way in the Ministry of RU? He has gently led the Ministry to a point where the control is given to Him. Now the Glory belongs to Him. 

The past few days and weeks have seemed like a never-ending valley. This has created a tremendous excitement to see what The Lord has planned for the RU Ministry. The Truth founded RU, and it is the Truth that will allow it to continue. That has been acknowledged, and the consequences have been given to the Lord. We feel as if chains were removed, and His program is now free to soar.

Where we are Going:

The Board of Directors and the current leadership of RU agree that our CEO is and has always been Christ. We are merely His servants, and it’s an honor to be a part of His plan. 

If you need materials, we are here for you. 

If you need help in your chapter, we are here for you. 

If you need encouragement, assistance dealing with a student, or even a Friday night process, we are here for you.

We humbly ask for your patience and understanding during the next few months. Our staff is currently much smaller than in previous years. We are now praying for some assistance in a few areas. We also have plans to implement several things that will improve and simplify our processes. We are looking at every aspect of the Ministry and making the adjustments necessary to function with greater efficiency and consistency. Our goal is to bring you a restored level of Christian service and accountability. (We plan to reach out to you for advice and assistance as we shape and form these projects.) 

The New Crew and You:

The team that remains in Rockford is relatively new to the Ministry. The Lord has seen fit to allow each remaining member to have a specific purpose. He has filled all seats necessary to enable RU uninterrupted operation. His provisions never cease to amaze me. He has taken care of the HR side of things and even provided the message of endurance for the staff. He did that through you.

We have all received prayers and encouragement from many of you. These kind words renewed our personal spirits and gave us the vigor and affirmation to move forward. As many of us began to doubt our decision to stay, your kind words and God-led encouragement stood out among the turmoil and began to flood our inboxes and text messages.

Comments like:

“Let God sort out the Sin. Keep moving forward.”

“We need this Ministry.” 

“We love RU and what it has done in our lives.”

“God will overcome, stay strong through the Storm.”

“The Lord has the answer, and that’s all I need to know.”

“I’m here because of the RU Mission. My Faith is only in Him.”

“RU saved my life; don’t let it die. I know God today because of RU.”

What we believe He is truly taking us:

Thank you for allowing His spirit to speak through you.

Thank You for your continued support and dedication to the RU Ministry and its mission. Would you please continue to pray for the RU Ministry and its newly organized leadership team? We are humbled to be allowed the privilege of serving you, the chapters of RU. I know that we have the answer for addiction. If we remain united in Him, keep our focus on Him, and walk together towards Him, we may be allowed to share in something that brings the world to Him.

He is just getting started…

Who is answering His phone:

The following names are available to assist you with any needs:

Dale Akin / National Team and Chapter Coordinator

Ed Force / National Team Volunteer and Chapter Representative

Katie Woodbury / Warehouse and Office Manager

Mylia Daniels / Warehouse and Office Assistant

Cisco Cervantes / Housing Director

Benjamin Smith / Marketing and Technical Support Manager

Clint Witcher / Admissions Coordinator

Brad Rehfeldt / Executive Assistant 

Brad Woodbury / Executive Director

Please NOTE:

Within the next two weeks, we plan to schedule a virtual or conference call meeting with regional directors and a second with all chapters. 

We will keep you posted with dates and times as we coordinate schedules.  


Brad Woodbury

Director and CFO

Let's End Addiction Together!