How to Have Positive Thoughts

Proverbs 27:9  (Dissected and Defined): Ointment and perfume rejoice (make joyful) the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel (advice). Daily Devo Paraphrase: A line of products that has made lots of money is the “ointments and perfumes” of our day. Have you ever wondered why we spray ourselves with [READ MORE…]

Why Trying Harder Isn’t Enough

Avis, the car rental company, has a motto, “We Try Harder”. In the natural world in which we live, “trying harder” is commendable, as well as effective. However, in the spiritual realm, “trying harder” is actually lamentable. Stop Trying Harder! Trying harder will defeat the Christian every time – in due time. I vividly remember [READ MORE…]

How to Build Godly Relationships – Be Not Unequally Yoked

“We should never partner with anyone who has not partnered with Christ! Okay, Partner?” Howdy, Partner! Just this morning I was praising the Lord for God’s grace in my father’s life in his latter years. At my ordination service, God saw fit to save him, allowing my parents to become “equally yoked” together—again (my mother [READ MORE…]