RU Addictions Recovery Program Outdoor Banner

People in need of addiction recovery are driving past your church at 45 miles an hour and you have less then 10 seconds to get one thought across to them. What is it going to be? Quick! That thought is “Addiction Program.” The #1 way to let your local community know that you are hosting an addiction recovery program. Designed as a highly effective advertising piece the 3×6 ft is best for 35 miles an hour, and the 3×8 banner is designed for 45 miles and hour or more.


RU Addictions Recovery Program Outdoor Banner

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This is the #1 way to reach functioning addicts. Placed near the road of your church, you can catch the eye of traffic as they pass by your local church. This single-sided banner is 8 feet wide by 3 feet tall with grommets for hanging. Also available in 3×6.

Material: Vinyl

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