Words Cannot Express – Update on Conference

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Words cannot express how much we appreciate all those who were able to attend the 2017 Recovery Conference and the Envision the Vision Banquet. Here is an update. We had the privilege of starting 12 new chapters and saw 75 chapters encouraged. But God also used the delegates who attended to be a great encouragement to us! Only God knows how their attitudes and encouraging words brought a burst of energy to the RU staff aiding in their ability to continue the work God has for RU the rest of the year.

For those of you who were unable to attend this year, we are looking to get as much information into your hands as possible of our new products and services as well as new ideas to strengthen and “Build Up” your chapter and your local church. At this year’s Envision the Vision Banquet, we were able to fund Vision 1 enabling our hopes to reach the addicted in your community through a recording studio and a future “app” as well as other endeavors with the technology now available to us. Vision 2 received partial funding of over $100,000 for reaching around the world with the RU Beyond Initiative. Continuing where we left off with the Philippines and into other countries. We still need to raise another $150,000 for the completion of this vision.

You can learn more about Vision One and Two and Watch our Vision Videos Here:

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Here is one testimony we received from this year’s conference that we want to share with you:

Brother Burks,

I just wanted to take a moment to say it was an amazing conference. Thanks to all of North Love. I also wanted to share some recognition to a few of your grad students. I met Taffy the first day and she went out of her way to help me and extended a friendly smile and kind word every time after that. Garret helped us with directions and any other questions we had. Caleb did an amazing job shuttling us back and forth while we were there.

These were just a few that made us at home and at ease. I also wanted to point out Donnie Barnes who met with Doug Miller and myself regarding starting up a men’s home. All of these people made the conference a hit. Well, that and seeing Miss Wendy and you as well!

I hope to see you two again soon.

Cheryl Gollenbusch

New Products Can be Found Here: https://rurecovery.com/product-category/2017-new-products/

We are excited about the RU future. Great days are ahead.

Benjamin Burks

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