Wishing Evil Thoughts Will Only Curse You

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Proverbs 26:2 Dissected & Defined

As the bird by wandering (deviating from duty), as the swallow (a bird) by flying, so the curse (wishing evil thoughts) causeless (without a cause) shall not come (do harm).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase 

Some things are just a total waste of time.  Solomon gives us a proverb that proves this point in a rather peculiar way.  It contains a very deep “underlying meaning.”

Wishing Evil Thoughts

Have you ever wished evil on someone? I know that sounds terrible, but have you? Maybe you have never wished for someone to be harmed physically, but if they could experience some misfortune it sure would be sweet revenge for the pain they have caused.

Wasted Thoughts

Almost everyone has considered thoughts along this line. But those thoughts, no matter how enjoyable they may seem to imagine, are of no value to you and no harm to them. You cannot wish someone into misfortune. As a matter of fact, the more you think thoughts like that, the more valuable time you are wasting in your life. 

Bitterness Is Pointless But Not Painless

I often counsel people that are so bitter that all they think about is wishing harm on those they perceive to have harmed them. A curse causeless—“an evil wish without a cause.” These types of feelings never generate a real benefit to the thinker and harm the hunted. They are pointless, but not painless. 

Are you cursing others?

You see, when we wish harm on people, we do ourselves great harm in return.  As a man “thinketh in his heart so is he.”

If you focus on evil wishes for another, then you will find evil wishes focused on you by another. As you think, so you are. Are you curing others? When you curse others you are the one being cursed.

Wish Them A Blessing Rather Than A Cursing

David suggests another approach to those who harm you. In Psalm 109:28 we read, “Let them curse, but bless thou…” Jesus said to “…bless them which curse you. Bless them and curse them not.” If you want to turn the table on your tormentors, wish them a blessing rather than a cursing. From that blessing will come a blessing—for as you think, you are! It’s not worth it to curse another. I swear!

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