You Need to Seek Out Wise Counselors to Get God’s Wisdom

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Proverbs 24:6 Dissected & Defined

For by wise counsel (advise) thou shalt make thy war (engagement): and in multitude of counselors there is safety.

Daily Devo Paraphrase

This is a basic rule of war. Before you engage an enemy to go to battle, you should exhaust every opportunity to get necessary advice and strategy. Often times, a war has been avoided by a patient leader who has been cautioned by his many wise counselors.

Wise Counsel During Solomon’s Time

The term “wise counsel” during Solomon’s time referred to people who would give you advice from their years of experience. They had gathered much information on a myriad of subjects. This prepared them to be wise counsel. That is to say “to give advice that would bring you skill in living.” But today, we can gain an even more sure counsel than the knowledge of man. We can have access to the knowledge of the Almighty!

You Need to Seek Out Wise Counselors

To glean the knowledge of God you need to seek out wise counselors. Today that would refer to people who allow themselves to be clean vessels of communication for the Spirit of God. Advisors who know God intimately will be able to give you the mind of God; for He will provide it to them for your benefit. And the more advisors you can find the merrier you will be!
“There is Wisdom in a multitude of counselors” means the more counsel you get from Spirit-filled advisors, the more you will find of the Holy Spirit. Therefore where there is a multitude of counselors there He is (wisdom)!

Always Get The Mind of God Before You Engage in Battle

Whenever you are in a position to war, battle or simply engage another, you are in great danger. An inappropriate strategy could cost a great deal. Always get the mind of God before you engage them. So to get that mind, you simply need to go to the mind of the Wise. His mind is communicated through His leaders, counselors, and advisors.

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