Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman?

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Proverbs 31:10 Dissected & Defined

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”

Virtuous means morally good

Daily-Devo Paraphrase:

This chapter contains the description of a most valuable woman. A woman that cannot be bought. A woman that God has wrought. A virtuous woman. Often imitated, seldom duplicated.

Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman? Me!

I still remember a particular day in the life of my wife’s and mine budding relationship. Oh, how desperately I loved her, and how I wanted to know God’s clear plan for our future. Should we marry? And if so, when? I hoped and prayed it would be soon! But, not knowing the will of our Father, I waited. 

I had come to the conclusion that if God clearly lead me to ask her, I would. First I had my parent’s blessing. Then my Pastor had agreed. And I was just waiting for her and her parent’s permission. So things had progressed well. But, I wanted clear assurance from God. Still, I asked for a sign. 

The Sign of My Virtuous Wife

Now, I am not “into” signs and wonders. Mainly because I know the dangers of putting those types of demands on a Holy God. Still, I asked for one, none the less. And boy did it come!

After I brought her home from church that Sunday night I headed home. Then I noticed she had accidentally (she said) taken my Bible. So as I looked over, I saw hers sitting on the dash of my car. That’s no problem, I would switch them tomorrow. 

The next morning I used it to do my daily devotions. That was October 31, 1994. That day I opened her Bible to – you guessed it – Proverbs 31. What I saw next blew my mind. It suggested a sure sign from God. And this is what sealed the deal for me!

The two pages of Proverbs 31 were the most worn pages of her Bible. Though a well-worn Bible, these pages were barely intact. As I looked at the notes (that I promise I never read) were everywhere. The wear and tear on this passage were too much to bear. Then I realized I was dating a woman that was learning to live in the luxury of virtue. She wanted it and was goin’ for it!

I married “My Ruby” that spring.

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