8 Ways to Improve Your Quiet Time with God

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Imagine that you’ve been invited to meet with the President of the United States in the Oval Office. You’d likely look forward to your appointment with great excitement. Now imagine that someone much more exciting – the God of the universe – wants to meet with you personally. This scenario is true; God really does want to meet with you, and He wants to do so every single day through a private quiet time alone.

I have had the privilege of traveling for several years, training good lay-people in local churches to start the RU Addiction Program. I never teach on the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal without seeing many tears. I sense hearts being turned towards Him. Just yesterday, I received a call from a Pastor in Florida, where I had been a few weeks prior. He shared with me that the church members who were involved in their addiction outreach were experiencing revival! He contributed it to their participation in the RU Daily Journal. In fact, he told me how his wife, a 29-year old Christian, testified on Sunday night on the effect the journal was having in her own life. I can verify here testimony and place before you hundreds that would say the same thing. However, I wonder how many started journaling and stopped? I wonder how much more started but now, just pencil whip it, to “get it done”?

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Keeping a journal of your quiet time allows the individual to review their thoughts, moments of clarity, and assist them in developing Spirit-led insight. Daily journaling is a very powerful tool to keep one in the reality of HIM. I often teach how the journal, when approached properly, will give you a “fresh” awareness of God’s presence in your life. Have you had one lately? #ItsPersonal

8 Ways to Improve Your Quiet Time

Those appointments with God should be a source of great joy for you. But unfortunately, quiet times can sometimes seem too intimidating to schedule or maintain regularly. Here are some ways you can enjoy your appointments with God; I can promise you they will be more enjoyable than with any President:

  1. Seek God Himself rather than anything He might give you. Know that God will meet you where you are and reveal much about Himself to you if you’re sincerely seeking Him.
  2. Listen carefully for God’s voice, which you’ll recognize better and better the more time you spend with Him. Wait expectantly in silence for a while for the Holy Spirit to speak. Resist the outside pressure and listen for the inside persuasion.
  3. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and prayers in the journal during your quiet time to more clearly express them. Read through your Journal often.
  4. Think about how much God loves you, and expect to be blessed as a result of spending time with Him. View your quiet times as cherished meetings with someone you love.
  5. Realize that the more time you spend with God, the greater the intimacy you’ll develop with Him. Although the idea of a daily quiet time might seem awkward at first because you might not know what to say or how to recognize God’s voice; after a while, you’ll look forward to the appointment because it will be like meeting with your best friend.
  6. Listen to the Daily Journal CD again. I promise you there are parts you have forgotten. This will refresh your look at the particular section in your journal time.
  7. Set aside a consistent time every day to meet with God. Choose a time to which you’re most alert and can block out distractions. I believe God always ask us for the “first.” He made it plain to give him the first fruits of our income, the first day of the week, etc. Many times, the mentors from the pages of God’s Word spoke to the first part of the day. #MotivationMonday
  8. Designate a special place in which you can meet privately with God. The place can be either indoors or outdoors, such as a home office or in the woods. I suggest you have several places, as to eliminate all excuses. If you are traveling like I do extensively, look for a place as soon as you are at the location you will be sleeping. Prepare to go there when you awake.

Remember: the best evidence of the value of a Quiet Time is remembering the day you skipped it.

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