The Virtous Woman: A Hymn to My Godly Wife

This post is in honor of my beautiful and godly wife who’s life inspires poetry in my soul. On occasion on the 31st day of the month as I read Proverbs 31 I turn it into a poem about my wife and give it to her. This is one I wrote for her some time ago.

“A Hymn To My Wife”

Based on the life of Kathy my Proverbs 31 woman

A good woman is hard to find,
and worth far more than a diamond mine.

Her husband trusts her without hesitation,
and never has reason for lamentation.

No spite can be found in her mind or her tongue
she treats him generously her whole life long.

She shops for the best yarns and cotton
her families clothing needs are never forgotten.

She brings surprises from places faraway.
she’s up before dawn, preparing her day.

She always has an eye for investment
she saves, she plans, she makes every payment.

First thing in the morning, she dresses for employment,
getting things done brings her great enjoyment.

She’s skilled in all the arts of homemaking.
She’s quick to assist anyone who’s wanting.

Her family always is nicely attired,
her fashion sense leaves nothing to be desired.

Because of her character her husband is respected
her godly example leads him to be promoted.

When she speaks she has something to say,
and she always says it in the kindest way.

She keeps an eye on her entire dwelling,
and keeps them all fruitful and hard-working

Her children respect and bless her grace,
her husband joins in with words of praise:

Many women have done wonderful things,
but you’ve outclassed them all in everything.

Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades.
This woman should be admired and praised.

This woman who lives in the fear-of-GOD.
Deserves your gifts, your glory, and laud.

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