Victorious Life Stories: Renea & Gail’s Continuing Victory through the RU Program

As I progress through the RU curriculum, God shows me how I have changed from the inside out.

I have read through some of my past Daily Journals and I see how the fruit of the Spirit is much more evident in my life today.

My daily walk is now less about me and more about others. I used to be a person who simply showed emotion concerning myself–I really didn’t notice what others were feeling and dealing with in their own lives. But, now, rejoicing in other’s blessings is spontaneous! And to see the tears of a brother or sister has now given me authentic sorrow and a desire to help!

I also know my faith has progressed to a different level. I see myself trusting God in all circumstances, no matter how it looks on the outside or feels in the inside. Time and time again, the Lord reminds me of things I have prayed for, and the moment when He answers those requests.

My “stinkin thinkin” is easier to change because I fight it off with Truth—scripture that proclaims God’s promises and His victories. I am no longer discontent in the waiting on God because I have a profound hope that the work God has started in me will be completed.

There is so much more joy in my life because I know there are God’s hidden treasures for me to uncover each new day. I focus on those things that are praiseworthy, true, and righteous and because of that I am not tossed to and fro in any storm of life. God is my constant Anchor.

Only the Son of the Living God could have made these supernatural changes in me. As I enter the next book of the RU series, I do so with eagerness, because I will inevitably know our Father with a deeper knowledge and greater love. – Renea


To begin, I want to praise God for being beside me through all the hard things in my life.

Even though I have never had a drug addiction, I have besetting sins in my life that are a sin, just the same.

I come from a long line of addicts and almost my entire family deals with drug addiction. My real mother also had a mental illness and so by the time I was 9 years old, I was taking care of her. Playing this role was an immense burden, and resulted in an attempted suicide at age 13. God, alone, saved me from dying of an overdose of my mother’s prescription medicine.

I was saved in 1976 and became a pastor’s wife in 1981. Even with all my experience with Sunday school teaching and being active with many of our church ministries, I have benefited the most from my participation in the RU program.

RU has given me unique “tools” to better study the Bible and, in essence, have a closer relationship with Christ. The RU Daily Journal and its daily compliment to my Bible have transformed my life dramatically. In this fast-paced world, it seems an almost luxury to take the time to actually write down my thoughts with a pen and not a keyboard. Oh, how this world has forgotten the definition of meditation!

I have heard many of my own church members say that RU is a program for every Christian and, praise the Lord, I know that is the truth! – Gail

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