From Model Citizen to Fateful Felon…

At the RU Recovery Ministry headquarters in Rockford, Illinois we receive testimonies of people living a victorious life in the mail from people all over the world. Recently, this story was sent to us and we wanted to share it with you…

Model Citizen

I had a good life. A steady job of 32 years that I retired from. Married for 33 years. I served in my community on several non-profit organizations. I did wheelchair ramping for disabled vets and worked with the local food banks. So needless to say, to everyone on the outside I looked and played the part of a premium upright citizen.

In 1973, I was saved as a teenager. I was a good athlete and ended up with a scholarship. But soon after that, the injuries occurred. Little did I know that my supposed need for painkillers would be the downfall of my “perfect” life.


As the years went by and I had surgeries to repair the injuries, I progressed in my use of Vicodin and then alcohol. When my prescriptions ran out, I went to cocaine. I was a merely a human being with no feeling and/or ambition to do anything at all. The only thing I did was stay on the internet and that soon led to porn. I began looking at child pornography and even though I deleted it, the FBI came after me a few months later.

It was my belief that all the “good” that I had done in my life was going to get me to Heaven, but after the arrest, I wondered if all that would change. According to this world, I was not forgiven and that even a 10-year sentence would not erase the wrong I had done to society.

Victorious Life

Now that I have been in the RU class, I found that the Bible says our works do nothing for us—and that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ! Until I believed that, I had no hope, and without hope, the desire to live dies, in more ways than one. I am now living a victorious life!

I have no other words than to praise the Lord for His tender mercies, on which I rely on each and every day!

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  1. I appreate your honesty that took heart I have almost molested my niece when I was young but thanks be to God for stopping it before it happened now I am paying the price for it 30 years later to no longer be able to watch my great nephew after my wife and I raised him scince 2 months old. I got saved in 2006 and that’s no longer in me. I’m heart broken and so is my wife. I need help now but have nobody at the moment I just stay faithful to God through my daily journal and any service I can do. I’m struggling so much right now and then came your testimony. I believe it was an answer to my prayer before I even prayed it. That’s what I was just writing in my journal at the time. Get back with me if you want. God bless your boldness brother.

  2. Almost one million suicides annually worldwide, I’d say our world needs a BIG dose of hope . satan leads people to focus only on the negative, and keep feeling defeated. Christians need to get the Word out, Christ has won the battle, and we need Him. He is our Hope.

  3. I was also an active user of porn for about 10 years. Jesus saved me. Though I rededicated my life Nov 9 2012, the struggle continued. Not until I began to understand love in a way I have never known before. This beautiful meaning of love is what I live on every day. Jesus is love. I am from Nigeria and the meaning of my native name is God is big. Now I see God is big in my life as love is big. I am now in a relationship with a very special woman. And I never thought I could ever fall in love in this life. I am also pursuing my unveiling dream. And it is all because of that reckless love of Jesus.

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