Turn & Learn – God’s Correction to His Children

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When I discipline one of our children, I often remind them of God’s words, “Whom the Lord loveth, He correcteth.” Of course, this is not what they want to hear, nor “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you!” Soon afterward, their response to my correction becomes evident. (Usually, it is written on their countenance when I tell them to go to their room!) When they are quickly remorseful and turn toward my correction, the discipline is short and we are soon in each other’s arms. It is during these times that I feel very close to that reprimanded child. These are sweet times with my children, and a true bond is formed between us. However, when they do not turn towards my correction, but rather resist it, the outcome is not so sweet.

We, too, respond to God’s correction! Proverbs tells us the results of our responses:

Response #1

Turn you (change your direction) at my reproof (toward my correction): behold (you will see and observe), I will pour out (abundantly send forth) my spirit unto you, I will make known (teach or communicate) my words unto you.

— Proverbs 1:23

Dissected & Defined:

Change your direction toward my correction and you will see and observe that I will abundantly send forth my Spirit unto you and I will communicate with you. In other words if you will stop and turn when God is prompting you too, than you will have God’s power UPON you and will be given supernatural promptings to discern God’s direction in life!

Response #2

He (whosoever), that being often reproved (corrected) hardeneth his neck (won’t turn), shall suddenly (unexpectedly) be destroyed, and that without remedy (deliverance).

— Proverbs 29:1

Dissected & Defined:

Whosoever is often corrected and won’t turn toward my correction will unexpectedly be destroyed without deliverance.

God takes our responses very seriously! Either we respond properly and receive abundant, power, as well as intimate communication from His Spirit, or we respond improperly and receive undeliverable destruction (we don’t even see it coming!).

As God’s child, there are times when He must correct us. If we respond properly to His correction, we can spend sweet times of fellowship with Him. During these times we realize just how much God truly loves us. His Spirit is able to freely communicate with our spirit and we intimately will know God!

At RU Recovery Program, we learn how to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. By walking with Him daily and using the It’s Personal Daily Journal we build that two-way communication with the Lord. In the journal, there is a section entitled “Leadings/Convictions of the Spirit.” This is my time to respond properly to His correction.

Has the Lord convicted you recently? Has the Spirit led you? How did you respond? The answer is found in this final question. RU enjoying God’s Power, Promptings and Persuasions in your life or RU experiencing God’s punishment on your life?

Start a dynamic relationship with your Heavenly Father today with the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal.

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