Trichotomies & God’s Intents on Leading Us

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Proverbs 2:8 Dissected & Defined

He (the Lord) keepeth (retain in one’s power) the paths (a well-trodden course) of judgment (to determine right in one’s mind), and preserveth (defend from evil) the way (method) of his saints (children).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase


God has developed His children to operate as functioning trichotomies.

Functioning Trichotomies consists of three parts (body, soul, and spirit). Functioning means it operates as intended. God wants our three parts to function as He intended. 

His intention is His Spirit will influence our spirit. He then wants our spirit to lead the remaining parts of our trichotomy. Our soul (our mind, will, and emotions) should submit to our spirit. Our soul, in sweet submission, gives instruction to the body on how to carry forth our spirit’s promptings. Then, the body can carry forth God’s will. This is a functioning trichotomy. 

When Our Souls Rebel, We Reject His Leading

When our soul rebels, we reject the Spirit’s leading over our spirit and choose to engage in self-control rather than Spirit control. We may still do good works, but we are not functioning as God intended. He wants us to do as He leads (that is His good). 

God’s Method of Judgement

Our verse tells us that God has one method for judgment. He controls this method and does not want it under our control. 

Judgment is a determination of truth in the mind. Only Christians are capable of being double minded. That is because we have two natures. As a result, we have two minds, two wills, and two emotions. We have our mind, will, and emotions and God’s mind, will, and emotions. 

God Intends for Us to Take His Path of Judgement

He intends for us to take His path of judgment. When faced with an opportunity to determine what or who is right in a situation, your soul’s mind should yield to your spirit’s mind (the mind of Christ). If you do this, you will follow the right method (or way) and be protected from evil mistakes. 

However, if you reject this method that God has developed within you, then you will step off of His path and find yourself making improper judgments and experiencing great difficulties.

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