Transformed from Addiction, my Journey

This testimony of a transformed life was recently received at the RU Recovery Ministries office in Rockford, Illinois:

My life has many similar comparisons to Steve Curington’s life, and I’m writing about mine today to give glory to God for my life transformed from addiction.

My parents got saved in a rural Baptist church in Indiana when I was young. I, too, got saved around that time. I truly loved those times, but as I grew older, sin began to affect my family, and out of that grew more sin and disobedience. I rebelled and began living a life of doing whatever I wanted to, and none of that had anything to do with God. As my sin grew, so did the addictions and so did the destruction of my life. Pain and confusion befriended me, while anger and bitterness filled my heart.

Pride is a besetting sin for me (also deep-rooted, as it tends to be in most people’s lives, whether they realize it or not!) Because I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me what to do, I chose my way over everyone and everything. After extended stays in jails, hospitals, prisons, and living on the streets …I saw my life slipping completely away.

One day, bullets rang out in the parking lot right next to me—the bullet casings pinged around my feet and flew by my face. I was miserable and I knew if one of the stray bullets didn’t kill me, my addiction would. My life was a complete disaster and crazy beyond my own understanding.

Bullets and Pills Transformed From Addiction

I remember asking God (sadly, while smoking pot) to change my life. I also remember asking Him to do it but also asked: “please don’t let them put me in jail.” Well, as you probably have guessed, God did answer my prayer and change my life! However, He also chose to allow me to be put in jail.

I want to thank God for my mother, who prayed for over 38 years for her son to return to the Lord. And I want to thank the Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle in Martinsville, Indiana for bringing RU into the jail. God has used the RU program in my life to bring me back to Him.

Today, I’m still in jail…but I’m now leading the RU Bible study, to build and rebuild men who have been crushed by sin, but need to know that new life is available in Jesus Christ! My life is now transformed from addiction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story of a truly transformed life and may God receive ALL the glory! Share this with someone today who needs to know of the HOPE that is in Him!


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  1. My name is Dennis and I have been clean for over 14 years. It is well with my soul and my heart has found true love and happiness in God knowing that He is still on the throne fixing us who were once broken. God Bless You and everyone who leans on the everlasting arms of Jesus, finding peace in Jesus and sharing our stories so I know and others will come to believe that Jesus Saves. God Bless You.

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