The Target: A Son – Jim Richardson

In January of 2007, we discovered that our first-born son had a bad addiction to heroin. Not only did this jeopardize his family situation with his wife and son, it was having a negative impact on our relationship as his mother and father. After no success with two secular rehab programs, we were losing hope. Satan was accomplishing exactly what he wanted…to destroy our family.

A terrible automobile accident that could have cost him his life started a chain of events that only God could have orchestrated. A good Christian lady told us about Reformers Unanimous and within a couple of weeks our son was on his way to the Men’s School of Discipleship in Rockford, Illinois. God worked a miracle in his life by delivering him from that terrible heroin addiction. He also restored his relationship with his family. They are now leading a godly life and serving full-time in the ministry.

But what happened to us – the mother and father? God didn’t just affect our son’s family situation, He worked a miracle in our life as well. While we were Christians, we were not serving God. We were living for ourselves and did not place Him as number one in our lives. After we saw what God did in our son’s life, we got intimately involved with the RU chapter in our community. We began with the Strongholds Study Course and the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal. This became our priority every morning. This brought us into a remarkable relationship with Jesus. He also made the relationship between the two of us so much stronger. We are now being obedient to His direction and He has blessed us so much.

We thank God every day for Reformers Unanimous and the impact it has had on our entire family. We can personally and honestly say “…greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

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