The Target: A Mother – Kimberly Smith

I am a single mother of two children (ages nine and six). We have lived with my mom for almost ten years. I was very thankful to be blessed with my children, but they came during a time when my life fell apart. Because of a bitter divorce and the many things that can go along with one, I did a “nose-dive” into darkness. Satan was waiting there for me with a crutch: alcohol. Alcohol became my “secret” addiction. I would drink alone while wallowing in my misery and I would drink mostly in my car.
My second DUI rolled around with me in a drunken blackout, wrecking into things and blindly continuing. I could have left my children motherless that night or worse, killed someone. The Lord had been trying to reach out to me and to get my attention for months, but I just shut Him down. I had become oblivious to the damage I was doing to everyone I loved. In desperation, I called my church, even though I had not been there in many years.

They told me about the RU (Reformers Unanimous) group that met there. It was there I found a place to begin growing in Christ again and to heal from all the destruction and pain I had caused. This church and RU group welcomed me with support and encouragement along with compassion and understanding. I could finally open up and talk about everything going on in my life and get the good godly guidance I needed. I have now been sober for six years and the Lord is still working on my little family. Healing and repairing what Satan tries to destroy takes time, but God can break any chains with which the devil entangles us. I praise the Lord for always being there and never giving up on my family and me.

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