The Poor and the Rich Meet (Interact) Together

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Proverbs 29:13 Dissected and Defined

The poor and the deceitful man meet (interact) together: the LORD lighteneth (illuminates) both their eyes.

Daily Devo Paraphrase

Part of this verse has a slightly obscure meaning. The word deceitful indicates misleading. It literally means to crush. It is referring to wealthy men who get their gain from a poor man’s pain.

The Poor and the Rich Meet Together

Solomon explains that they meet together. That word meet means to interact. Of course, it is not referring to friendly fellowship, but rather they engage in business dealings, usually the poor with needs that can be met by only “the crusher.”

There is not a lot of help for the poor man from the “crusher,” but it’s the only help he knows anything about! So he visits, creates conversation, makes requests. If he is fortunate, he gains the favor of “the crusher.” Of course, that favor comes with usury. That is to say, plus interest!

The Lord Will Abase and Abound

Such is the way of the poor, unlearned and impatient. Such is the way of the wealthy, rich and unrepentant. But then comes the Lord. The poor and the rich, he who abounds, He is able to abase. And those who are abased, He may choose to abound.

A Journey Toward Total Dependence On Him and Absolute Rejection of Self

This is done through His supernatural illumination. He can draw the poor to a position of patience, allowing their poverty to be contentment rather than resentment. He can bring the lonely “crusher” to a position of repentance, allowing his wealth to meet a need rather than feed his greed. We surely have a great God. No matter where you land in life, he intends for you to take a journey toward total dependence on Him and absolute rejection of self.

A patient pauper or a repentant ruler, which way are you going with the All Knowing?

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