The Fear Of The Lord Gives Strength And Boldness

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Proverbs 8:14 Dissected and Defined

Counsel (advice) is mine, and sound wisdom (skill in living): I am understanding (applied knowledge); I have strength (power).

Daily Devo Paraphrase

Verse thirteen explained to us that the fear of the Lord is to hate evil. It describes evil, and we defined its description last month to mean, “an undue esteem of self, an undue disregard for others, deceptive speech, and improper lifestyle choices.”

Now, in verse fourteen, we are given the qualities that we will possess if we acquire a fear of the Lord through our disdain for this type of behavior. A fear of God is best defined as “a respect for Who God is and what He could do to us or for us.”

The Fear Of The Lord Gives Wisdom

Solomon is telling us that if we embrace a fear of the Lord that we will acquire the qualities of this healthy fear. Those benefits include “counsel” or the ability to give and glean good advice in times of urgent need. It also includes strong wisdom. That is “wisdom without defect.” Wisdom is “skill in living.” What a quality to possess: a skill in living a life void of defect. But it’s only available to those who hate pride, arrogance, evil lifestyles, and deceptive speech. 

The Fear Of The Lord Gives Understanding

She will also grant us understanding. That is “the ability to apply what we have learned in life through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.” Our submission to this prompting will give us great power with God and man. This power is referred to as strength. It is “the ability to do right when everything else is going wrong.” It is this strength that keeps you serving God when others are criticizing you, or when your personal life is under attack, or when it seems no one else cares. 

The Fear Of The Lord Gives Strength And Boldness

We often think that fear shows weakness, but it doesn’t. These qualities of a God-fearing believer indicate great strength and boldness. How unique. God gives those who fear Him great confidence in every area of life. Go figure! If I fear what God could do to me, then He will do mighty things through me!

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