A Testimony of Someone who found the Secret.

This story may sound like many others; it will be the same, but very different at the same time…

I used to be a serious user of heroin, cocaine, and pills – which cost me $500 a day.  I went from a corporate career to a life of the numberless, nameless, and homeless on the streets.

I used to manipulate those that trusted me; and once that trust ran out, I lied, stole and robbed the same people that tried to help me.  I didn’t care who you were, and most of the time my twisted mind told me that I was the victim.  Everything bad that had ever happened to me gave me the right to do wrong to anyone else.

But there is only misery in that black pit of selfish existence. I soon found myself in the darkest of days – feeling helpless, worthless, and seemingly unable to end it all, because I was in jail.

That was over 3 years ago. Today, I am not only sober, but also FREE!  I have finally found that I can live and not just exist…that there is a God-assigned purpose for my life.

After jail, I was forced to go to a transitional home, and although unwilling, God’s mercy and grace touched me with His understanding.  It was then that I fully realized that the void inside me could only be filled by God Himself.  And with that, I began to grown in my faith.   Although I had nothing beside shelter and food, I had never felt such peace, joy, and happiness.  I had the support of my church and their RU program (which was the greatest asset to my recovery and walk with God) and new great godly friends as part of my life.  I wasn’t unique or special after all, just a product of God’s grace and mercy.

He has forever changed me.  Now my motto is, “I serve God even more than I did my drugs!” It is now the time in my Christian walk where I lead the ones that He puts in my path.   I know now that His plan of grace for me was to experience all the bad and good, and to then relate to others who now need my compassion and direction to Christ.

This whole thing – where we give our life to God… it does have its hurts and its pain, but I think those of us who are on His path, would say that the joy that Jesus gives,  surpasses ALL else!

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