Testimony From RU Student 3-20-13

I was saved on the 2nd of May 1982, I had been an alcoholic before I was saved and people had me convinced that I was still in recovery. I went to RU meetings at Landmark Baptist church in Rolla, Mo, where I’m a member. Through the teaching, preaching, studying, journaling, and prayer, I was finally convinced that God had given me the victory over the alcohol when I got saved, but I let people make me think otherwise. I am no longer an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic, I am free from that bondage by the matchless grace of God. Amen

H Norris

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  1. H Norris, I love your testimony. I was saved June 6, 2011. I had been an alcoholic since I was 13, I am now 48. I was involved in AA many times over the years and had obtained sobriety for short periods of time over the years. I started going to RU, at Gospel LIght Baptist Church, Walkertown, NC in Jan. 2011 and I am still a student there. What a blessing when I realized that I did not have a disease that I could never be free of. I always felt doomed before that I would forever be an alcoholic in recovery and would always have to explain this condition whenever out among the world that was drinking. I am kind of hard headed and it took me a while but I finally submitted to God and realized that I had a SIN problem, not a drinking problem!!! It has not been “perfect” and I have stumbled some, but as Steve Currington said, as we follow Christ we get further and further from that line that allows us to fall back into our sin. I have not had a drink now since Dec. 15, 2012, and it had been almost a year before that stumble. My prayer is that I can help others to realize this same freedom and victory over addiction as they watch me and others in RU follow Christ. The Truth has set me free and given me victory “FINALLY”. Thanks form sharing this and reminding me how greatful I am.

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