Victorious Life Stories

Victorious Life Testimony

My Testimony This is my testimony of how the RU Recovery Program has helped me from beginning to end. In the beginning of this program, I was lost and struggling […]

Satisfaction For The Hungry Soul


Good morning! I praise God for joining me today as I have this awesome opportunity to share a portion of God’s Word that has tremendously impacted my life over the […]

Stop Smoking!

stop smoking

Why is it so hard to stop smoking? Tobacco, with its drug nicotine, is probably the most widely abused chemical substance in the world. It is one of the most […]

Codependency And Addiction

Codependency and Addiction the Help that Hurts

Codependency and addiction can be a difficult concept to grasp. It is evident in most of our lives, especially those in the ministry, in one form or another. Codependency is […]