Sudden Destruction: Failure to Protect the Home

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Proverbs 14:1 — Dissected & Defined

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Dissected and Defined

A wise woman is a female that has living skills. In this case, she is a mother. Buildeth means to construct. Plucketh is to pull with sudden force. 

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

These verses teach us that a woman with skills will construct her home and protect it from danger. Yet a woman that knows right, but chooses wrong will pull it down with sudden destruction. 

Have you ever built a card house? You would have constructed this house taking great care when adding or placing new cards onto your house. Of course, if you continue to envision this it will eventually conclude with a bully sibling, spouse or friend that sneaks up and knocks it down. I’ve never seen a builder of a card house who wanted to be the destroyer of a card house. 

This is true in life, as well. If you are building your house, you will not want to destroy it. Rather, its greatest danger is your failure to protect it from its bullies—your family members or even friends who do something that puts your house at risk. 

Sudden Destruction of the Home

The verse tells us that a foolish woman will not even build her house. She knows what is right but she chooses what is wrong. It says she pulls down whatever she has built with a force that is “sudden.” Anyone that tears someone or something down does it in a sudden fashion, without pre-meditation. 

Both of these dangers exist in our homes—the danger of failing to protect our building and the danger of allowing sudden responses to damage what we have built. How long does it take to build a child, marriage or home? Much longer than it takes to tear them down. A house is built slowly but a house is destroyed rather suddenly. When we respond harshly and suddenly with our family, we should picture the bully knocking down our house of cards. Oh, how that act of terror took our breath away! It should do the same when something knocks down a house, our home.

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