Story of Victory 9/13/13

Overcomer Comments

When participating in the Reformers Unanimous curriculum, students have the opportunity to write notes to the RUheadquarters.  The following notes were received from students who completed their first book, the Overcomer, and are on the path to recovery:

I praise God for this program. I have prayed for our church to have an addiction program. Thank you for sharing your Ministry so other churches can implement it. I am coming for what I can learn and also because I have a brother who has an addiction to alcohol. I want God to set him free.

R.U. has really helped me get back in touch with God and work on transforming my life. It feels so good, I just can’t put it in words. Praise God!

Thank you very much. Although jail is no place a person wants to be, I feel as it was God’s will – his will in order for me to meet R.U. I struggled on a daily basis trying to do this alone because I know the 12 steps and I was missing something. I just couldn’t figure out what. Now thanks to you (RU) and God, it’s figured out and I thank you and intend to follow through every step of the way with R.U.

What a great thrill it is for me to be in RU at my age. I am 67 and been in church all my life, but I’m more committed to God’s word than ever before. I knew when I heard RU was coming to our church, it was meant for me. My small family has always been very close knit and seemingly pretty sound spiritually. I knew the devil wanted me to fail and in the last month he has literally hammered my family. Praise God for RU because we are all still standing strong. This is one of the greatest programs I’ve ever encountered and even the most grounded Christian can get something great from it! Thank you and God bless you.

Thank you for this program. I was involved in twelve step, but I like this one better. God Bless you and this program

All of my life I have lived in a Christian home and for the past eight years we have been serving Christ with all our hearts. My testimony was kind of like Steve Curington’s. I knew how to obey all the rules but I had no vibrant relationship with the Lord. But praise God through Reformers Unanimous there is now nothing I would rather do than serve my Lord and Master with all my heart. Thank you.

This is an amazing ministry. Brings the reality that everyone struggles with some sort/type of addiction into focus and only God can show us how to separate from sin permanently. Thank you for choosing my church to be a branch of this Ministry.

I am very impressed with your success rate in the town of Grand Junction. I am really enjoying this program and I am getting a lot out of it. I am grateful I was informed of this program while incarcerated here. I have been searching for spirituality for quite some time now. Now I have found my way back to God. Thank you for RU.

I would like to Thank God for your divine presence here on earth and for you establishing Reformers. Goodness in health and spirit to you.

Thank you, Reformers Unanimous workers, for taking time out of your busy days to come to the jail for people like us. It’s a delight to some of us who has not lost hope. Some days are better for me than others when I get down and out but still hold still and keep moving. This ministry helps so much! Thank you!

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