Story of Victory 8-2-13

[quote]I’ve found  more meaning thru learning about Christ and the Bible at RU than compared to AA meetings. The program is very powerful. I hope to be able to overcome my problems as I am still struggling at times. I need to do more of the work and reading.[/quote]

[quote]RU has changed my life. My husband started attending RU one year ago. I noticed a huge change in his life. I was curious about the program and attended a meeting with him. It’s amazing how God has been working in our lives. I’m thankful for the program. My husband was saved and was recently baptized.[/quote]

[quote]I am really glad that I came to RU because I believe it saved my life. I was depressed and not sure I wanted to keep going, but I didn’t see a way out. Coming to RU showed me the exit sign and helped bring me out of the darkness and into God’s light. Thank You![/quote]

We get many, many testimonies similar to the ones above at our Headquarters. We are so grateful that God has given us the ability to help reach many people for Him.

That is the reason that we are so excited for what we are about to share with you.

Last year at our annual car wash, not only were there over 1,000 cars washed, but we were able to share the Gospel and the RU program with every vehicle that came through the wash.  In fact, 18 people came to know the Lord through this event last year! We are excited about experiencing another miracle this year with the annual Reformers Unanimous Car Wash. This event has proven to be more than anyone could expect.



This year, we are asking for your participation in another miracle. We are going to be washing 1,000 cars on August 17.  There is no better way to experience a miracle than to share in it. Our need is specific to the men and women we are called to serve through our Schools of Discipleship. Some of these that need our help simply cannot meet the financial responsibility, and that is why we have created a scholarship fund called The Timothy Fund.

Now is the opportunity to share in another miracle, and invest in the lives of those we are called to serve.  There is no doubt that this investment will touch hundreds of people’s lives!
Will you pray about what you can do to help? Help Us Help Them! Sponsor us for our Car Wash.


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