Story of Victory 6-21-13

This is a testimony that was recently received at the RU office in Rockford, Illinois. It is interesting to note that this man was “reached” through someone placing a stack of RU tracts in a local business. We should never underestimate the power of God as we obey His command to “go and tell”!

Hello, I would like to tell you my story. Before I got saved, my biggest problem was me and my drinking. I just could not let go of the people who have done me wrong and have hurt me, so drinking was my way of dealing with the hurt. When I became sober the pain was still there, so I would start all over and stay drunk on a daily basis. One day, when I was working at the store (gas station), this man came in the store and he asked me if it would be okay if he left some RU tracts on the counter for my customers.

This man told me about the program and that Friday he picked me up on that September night of 2010. Reformers Unanimous has helped me to be more appreciative of others who have helped me. God has put these special people in my life, and these same people God has used to help me have a closer relationship with God. I started to attend church that same year and was gloriously saved! Since this time, God has helped me let go of the past and the hurt, and God has replaced it with joy through his Son, Jesus Christ. All those years I was so angry and living in sin, I never knew that I had to pay for my own sin; and when I realized I was on my way to hell, I realized that God gave me the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I got saved the day I trusted in Jesus Christ and I have salvation through Him and it can never be lost. In the almost three years I’ve been saved, God has used me in my local church. I am on the Sunday morning kids’ bus ministry, children’s Church, and I am a helper at our RU on Friday nights. I also go to the Center Line Public Library and leave RU tracts up there, and I love how the Lord uses me to witness to others on how God has changed my life.

God, through this program, has taught me appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, and humility towards others, which is something I never had before I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Since this program, God has given me a new life with a new family (church family). God loved me so much, He never gave up or ever threw me away.

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