Story of Victory 4-4-14

Recently, this letter was received at the RU office from someone who completed the entire Gaining Remaining Fruit Discipleship Series – the Strongholds, Uphold, Behold, and Threshold.

 The time in RU has quickly gone by, and yet I feel as if I have been a part of it for years and years. As I stated previously in former letters, I initially was interested in RU to help others. I was a part of the jail ministry and felt RU would be an excellent program to recommend to the ladies there, especially those who were so bound by their addiction that the jail became a part of their life. However, God had other plans for me. I am helping others, but God has gotten hold of me, finally!

                I have searched my entire Christian life to gain a constant, effectual relationship with God. I read my Bible, prayed, memorized scripture, went soul winning, went on visitations, and worked in several church ministries; but there was always a lacking in my Christian life. Oh, I knew about the wonderful fellowship you could have with God because at times, I had it. Yet there was no consistency in my fellowship with the Lord.

                Then came RU, where I was supposed to be going to help others, and there I secured the tools that allow me to have the relationship with the Lord that I have so long desired. The challenges caused me to examine some of the strongholds I had that I wasn’t even aware of having. They also helped me to hone the skills I did have to become more productive for the Lord. The most important lesson I learned was that I had Christ in me, and I needed to allow Him to live through me every day in every way, at all times. When He is in control, my life is great no matter what the circumstances.

                When I allow Christ to guide my life, I have the fellowship I so desperately desire. It was appropriate to end the challenges with sincerity vs. hypocrisy. God wants us, but He wants the real us. He wants to behave in such a way that others will what we have and not say, “Well, if he or she is a Christian, I am too!” That is my desire: to be a real Christian. I want to make Christ look good to everyone I meet.

                RU is absolutely the ultimate discipleship program. The tools are all there so that any Christian desiring a close daily walk with the Lord can achieve their goals and then show others how they can gain the covenanted fellowship with the Lord. If they fail, as I do, the Lord, with His great mercy, is just waiting for me to turn back to Him, ask for forgiveness, and continue on for Him. What a great God we serve!

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