Story of Victory 12/26/2014

Reformers Unanimous has been utilized by many churches across the globe to help people find victory in Christ and freedom from stubborn habits and addictions. However, this ministry has also helped many in their Christian walk, as it is merely an intense discipleship course. God tells us that only the Truth will make us “free” and that Truth is Jesus! The following letter was received at the Reformers Unanimous office in Rockford, Illinois and was a special blessing to our staff. It came from a student who attends one of the many RU chapters across the world:

Thank you for providing a faith- based program, teaching Biblical truths and helping us to learn that Jesus Christ is the answer to addictions and any other problem we might have. I have now completed the second workbook, the Uphold Study Course. I am closer to our Lord Jesus than ever in my life.

I started RU about three years ago. I came to find hope. I had come to a point in my life where I reached a very low level of hope. I have three children, two girls and a boy. The reason for my lack of hope was a result of circumstances in my life. My son, who is in his 40s, has been addicted to drugs for maybe 30 years. He has been in and out of jail and prison for most of those years. His Dad and I have done everything to help him but to no avail. He refuses to work and expects us to take care of him. Coming to RU, I was very skeptical that anything could help. My son was in jail again and my health was becoming worse.

I was saved when I was eight years old. I married when I was 16 and was divorced 13 years later. After my divorce, I was very angry at God and quit going to church. This period lasted about five yours when I could run no longer and repented and turned back to God. I know now that God never left me, even during that time. He is faithful.

I started working the RU program and am faithful in attendance. I am also faithful in my church attendance. Before I came to RU, I was not as faithful in church attendance. RU has made a difference in my life in ways that I cannot explain.
My son David is still in and out of jail, but I have yielded him to my Lord Jesus. I now realize that there is nothing I can do to change my son. I am not able, but Jesus is able! I rest in Christ. Because of my rest, I have hope, peace and trust that Jesus will bring my son to repentance. My conscience is clear.

For most of my life, especially since my divorce and the years I spent out of church, I had a false belief about God. I always have known that God is Sovereign and can do anything. I had no doubt, but I always had a small doubt that because of my sins, God did not want to bless, heal, or deliver me etc… I believed that God could, but I had doubt that He would. I now know that was a false belief. I know that I am forgiven totally and am cleansed. I now know in my heart that if I confess my sins, God will forgive. God does not hold grudges. Today, I have a clear conscience before God.

I am very grateful for the RU program and am looking forward to the next study book. Thank you for coming to my town.

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