Story of Victory 11-8-13

The following testimonies are from an Institutional Program for women.  Several women from the local church in their area bring Reformers Unanimous into their facility using the Reformers Institutional Program (RIP) materials.  If you are interested in having a program like RU or RIP, register for our Reformers Institutional Conference on December 9-11.  This conference will take place in Rockford, Illinois and will give you the tools needed to start this program in local jails, prisons, and institutions.

RU has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me become at peace with myself. It’s opened my heart to God’s Word. It has allowed me to stay strong through all the trials I have endured. Studying the principles and the Word has helped me to live the way God has intended me to live. I am so thankful for this program because I would have not come to this point in my life on my own.


Before I got into RU, I had been clean for a year and eight months, but I was not happy. I was lost. My life lacked meaning and purpose. I lost sight of God and what I truly care about. I saw the other girls with their RU books, Bibles, and reward tokens. I wanted what they had. So I made a conscious decision to get it. Since then, I started attending RU, which has given me the opportunity to mend broken relationships with God, family, and myself. It has filled their void that I kept with me for so long. And it taught me a new way to look at life. RU has opened up my heart and my mind to a whole new way of life. The patience and compassion the leaders have shown me is awesome. I have so much respect for them because they made me realize that some people can still show us that we matter, despite the mistakes we’ve made!


            RU means a lot to me. Before RU, I never really read the Bible, or incorporated it with my addiction. Now that these RU leaders come every Saturday into our facility for RU, I have become more involved in our Lord. I feel that since I’ve been saved and now walk with our Lord, I’ve had better strength, spiritual guidance, and joy. I just want everyone to know that RU is a great program and without it, I wouldn’t be as dedicated and loyal to the Lord and my recovery.



RU means God is here with us at our facility! It is a way to become closer in our relationship to God. By knowing His Word, we know Him. In learning His Word, we learn why He created us – for Him. We learn how much He loves us. RU brings all of God, His love, His Word, and His Son to us where we are!  And for that, I am grateful!




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