Story of Victory 11-15-13

We recently received this letter at the Reformers Unanimous International Headquarters in Rockford, Illinois.  It is from an inmate begging us to bring RIP (the Reformers Institutional Program) into her jail! Please read the request below….

Reformers Unanimous Recovery Ministries:

I am writing you on behalf of the inmates at the Henry County Jail in New Castle, IN. We have a female that’s been transferred here from another county, and she had a copy of your Overcomer workbook, “Recovery Through God’s Truth.” Here at Henry Co. Jail, we are not offered any type of substance abuse programs, nor are we given the opportunity to attend any type of church. For us, to be able to receive Bibles, it has to be approved by the sheriff, and even that has become an issue. We are not trying to obtain help from a ministry only to receive a time cut, but your program would be extremely beneficial to many of the offenders that reside here. If you would, please consider coming to our county and helping those who are sincere in their road to recovery. I have a few churches and preachers that would be interested in helping any way that they could. (She then proceeded to give us two contacts of local churches who might volunteer in their jail.)

Praise God for this contact!  God used the Overcomer workbook…as it went with an inmate into another facility!  Please pray for this program to begin in this county jail.

There are many other facilities with similar needs.  Have you checked the jail in your community?  What about other institutions near you?  Join us on December 9-11 in Rockford, Illinois to learn how to implement RIP (Reformers Institutional Program) into your community!

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